Is there an eHarmony free trial?

We’re all about saving money here at Voice for Empowerment. But what about getting things for free? Free is always good, and today we will be talking about eHarmony, since, after all, nothing goes along with a good cocktail like a good date.
Eharmony’s free communication weekend. Previously, I wrote a post about, but in many ways, I prefer Eharmony, as it’s a better fit for what many people in the online dating landscape is looking for.

eharmony-free-communication-weekendMake no mistake, eHarmony is an expensive site to be a member of. People often wonder if there is an eHarmony free trial. After all, it’s only reasonable to want to check something out before handing over some serious cash.

The short answer is yes and no. I know that doesn’t say much, so let me explain. There are times when eHarmony lets everyone communicate for free. These times are referred to as free communication weekends and from what I can tell, they take place every month or two. During these weekends, you are not allowed to communicated in an unrestricted way. Rather, you can use a form of communication called guided communication. Note that even during times where free communication events are taking place, you can also engage in guided communication to some extent, but you won’t be able to view pics. Such restrictions are lifted during the promotional events, however.

Secondly, you can take their personality test and join the site at no cost. This will allow you to receive matches and create your profile, all for free. To find out more about how to open a free account, make sure you visit various online dating sites like Online Dating As mentioned, you can do a limited amount of communicating, but don’t expect to get too far. If you want to message your matches freely, you definitely will need to upgrade your account. So all said, eHarmony does have a free trial of sorts, but it’s only good for getting a general feel for how the site works. If you want to really dive into online dating, unfortunately, you’ll have to pay the price of admission.