Is Gold a Good Investment?

goldDuring periods of economic uncertainty, people like to turn to gold. Many people are under the impression that the best way to buy gold is to purchase gold coins and lock them up in a safe place. I could not disagree more. Such investments are liable to be stolen, or could be lost when there is a natural disaster such as a fire or hurricane.

The best option for owning gold is to purchase an Exchange Traded Fund. The most famous one for gold is GLD, a SPDRs fund. This fund tracks gold prices very closely and is almost the same thing as owning gold yourself, minus the risk of losing your investment. For this reason, I recommend buying GLD or another similar fund over owning gold bullion yourself.

In short, gold is a very sensible investment that should make up a smart part of your portfolio, but there are better ways to invest in it than hoarding gold bars and coins and worrying about them being stolen.