A note to contact lens buyers

I used to purchase my contact lenses at local vision stores such as Pearle Vision and Sears (two of the places where I often had my eye exams). I never gave much thought to whether or not I was getting a good deal, and believed your eye doctor was the only place you could purchase contact lenses anyway. But a few years ago, this all changed when I started seeing ads for contact lens stores online. Until then, I was not even aware that buying lenses online was even possible.

AC Lens Contact Lens StoreIt turns out there are many benefits to buying your contacts over the Internet. For one thing, I’ve noticed that at most stores, the prices for Focus Night & Day (the brand I use) is much lower than what I am accustomed to paying. Additionally, I find buying online to be much less of a hassle since you don’t have to make an extra trip to the doctor’s office to pick up your lenses.

You will need to provide the store a copy of your prescription or information about your doctor. This usually isn’t a big deal and some online stores even offer a doctor search engine you can use on the spot to find your doctor’s contact information. As for the quality of the lenses you receive, they are the exact same brands you would get otherwise, and there is no difference at all. One good store to buy contact from is Lens.com. Click here to get the latest lens.com coupons.

If you haven’t tried ordering contact lenses online, I highly recommend you try it. You can actually save some money on contact lenses if you obtain contact lens coupons from Lensstreet.com as well as other coupon websites specializing in offering contact lens discounts.